Natalie Fuinha Becker (nataliebecker) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Natalie Fuinha Becker

Check-in, Plush gets, picture of figures collection, etc. :)

Hey everyone~!

It's been a little while since I've posted. I had an eventful couple of months, the results of which partly means I need to keep myself on budget with Pokemon stuff. Still, I have a couple new plush that I haven't posted pictures of yet, and I thought I'd also show off some of the figures I've found at some recent conventions.

So, here we go~

So first up are the two new additions to the plush family. The Oshawott is one that can reverse into a Pokeball. Thank you whitechocoheart~! I love him~ <3 ^ u ^

The Chikorita I got from a LevelUp Studios booth at Anime Boston. :) If only I could find the Bulbasaur on my wants list >.<;

Next here's a little group shot of the figures I've picked up. Scizor I found when I was working for Hasbro back in the day. Weavile and Sneasel were an ebay purchase. The Fairy Pokemon, Chespin Keychain, and Banette were all from booths at Rhode Island Comic Con, and Anime Boston. I forget where I got Goomy, and Misdreavous was a little freebie from another plush purchase, can't quite remember which. The Suicune I got with my Zoroark Plush from happyjolteon ^_^

Anyway, that's all. I know it's a small post, but I thought I'd post something instead of going totally dark.

Also here's a preview and link to my wants list. If anyone can help me find the Lilligant or Bulbasaur I would be super grateful~! * U *

Thanks for reading, hope you guys liked the pictures~

- Natalie

Tags: banette, bulbasaur, dragonair, lilligant, minccino, poliwhirl, pumpkaboo, sylveon
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