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Justice for all

SSS gets!

To be honest with all these updates about the secret gifts arriving, I was slowly starting to be convinced mine would never come. XD But now it finally did and there were such surprises inside! *-*;;

As usual little Fennekin here is going to help me open this one up! As you can see the package is covered in the most adorable stickers ever, I cut them all out to keep!

Fennekin used fire blast!

...Try not to burn the whole thing down, k?

First up is a letter, but I put that aside for last, fennekin is already digging into the box.

First pull is the most amazing cutest adorable tiniest Tepig! :O I was so shocked seeing this little guy, he's so tiny and perfect!!

Fennekin was super excited too because he's the same size as him! Now he has a play buddy! :D

My big Tepig came out to meet the tiny guy too, he's about as big as his eye, haha.

Next Fennekin found a mysterious box, I didn't bother to read the Japanese and thought there must be a puzzle inside? There were four random designs, so I was curious which would be inside!

Not a puzzle at all, but a tiny towel! :O For some reason I really like these tiny towels, so this was a great present, and not to mention this one has a tiny Fennekin on it too!! I couldn't find anything on the box saying how to know what was inside, so it was blind packaged as far as I know but I think I got the best out of all four of the choices! I love it!

I barely got to look at it before Fennekin claimed it as his own though. "My blanket!"

Luckily he was too excited to stay cuddled up for long and went for another dive in the box and found a little lion. This one's so cute too, I have an extreme weakness for any figure, so this one is a great addition to the collection. :D

Next up was a whole stack of flats! So much Fennekin *-* Most of these are stickers too, now I can fennekinize everrrrrythiiiiiing. *-*!!! Thank you so much for these!!!

I couldn't contain myself when I next found a huge stack of amazing cards! I love the pokémon TCG cards because of the art, and just look at all of these! SO. MANY. I. OMG. LOVE.

Best of all they came in languages I'd never seen before! I love this, seriously, they make the cards more unique to me. I'm not sure at all what language the bottom two cards are, can anyone tell me? tbh I'm not even 100% sure what the top ones are either. XD

There were three unopened Japanese packs too (THREE!!!! EEE!!!) and these are all my pulls! Their colors are so extra vibrant somehow, must be because they're presents, they look amazing to me. hee. Such pretty art on all of them, omg.

Fennekin got super excited when he smelled candy, and there popped up three bubblegums! With little paper inserts.

So many fire foxes! XD And we can learn a neat new english word, air! :D so adorable. (The bottom right fennekin looks like he's about to be eaten by the two next to him and is completely oblivious of it...)

This one is neat, if you fold it you catch Fennekin in a great ball. XD

And I kept the letter for last, now we get to know who my secret someone was! It's ku_bek! Who I actually bought cards from before, I knew I recognised that sticker on the package XD. Thank you so so soooo much, I love all the presents!

But wait, did we read that right, there's another package coming??? WHAT?! WHAT.

Fennekin's face after hearing the news.

Pretty much my face too tbh.


Well after all this excitement, Fennekin is going to take a nap with his new bff. Sweet dreams!

Thank you so much, ku_bek! I love all the presents, I'll use the stickers on everything and the little towel is just perfect and the little tepig stole my heart and and and THANK YOU. somanycardsomg.
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