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HUGE gets post!

Hello everybody, how have your days been?

A package arrived on my doorstep this morning!

I ordered it off of Y!JP last week It arrived here insanely quickly, I was super happy to see it! It contains quite a few items, and shipping to here is pretty abysmal, so I'm glad it got here safe and sound.

Before we dive inside (I'm typing and taking pictures as I go!), I want to give a super big thank you to EVERYONE who helped me in this thread a few weeks ago; http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21017563.html (This is for you, fromstarcave)

I used FJ as my middleman service, like always. Paper! Just what I wanted!

Tons of plastic! FJ's insanely secure packaging never fails to impress me. Shipping was extremely fast for this package, too, It only took five days!

Who is that hiding inside? Sudowoodo? Let's hope this sudo isn't a pseudo! (I'll see myself out) I ordered a ton of banpresto plush in a lot, and that's what you're looking at! Let's dig deeper inside and see what we pull out!

First up are these insanely cute starter plush from gen 4! All three are completely MWT! My OCD is satisfied~ Turtwig's head is so big he has trouble standing up, haha, and Chimchar is pretty huge! I love how Piplup looks, too, I think Piplup is definitely the cutest of the three starters.

Here, we have Buneary, Staravia, and Pikachu! Once again, all completely MWT! Buneary used to be one of my favourite pokemon, so I gladly accept him! Staravia's Banpresto looks extremely close to what a pokedoll of him would look like, so that's why I took him! Pikachu was also just a little bonus. That flattered face of his really suits him, haha.

Next up is Sudowoodo and croagunk! Everything in this lot was MWT. I bought the lot mostly because of Sudowoodo, he's one of my favourite pokemon. That dumb smile, and the little balls on his hand make this plush amazing! I wont lie, this croagunk is a little ugly, but he's one of my all time favourite pokemon, so I love him regardless!

Here's a cute little comparison I made between the Banpresto and Pokedoll of Croagunk. The two are the EXACT same height, which I didn't expect, so that was an extremely pleasant surprise! For the most part, their bodies are the same, but I like how the Banpresto Croagunk's arms are fatter, it looks much better than the empty space in Pokedoll Croagunk's pits when his arms are straight down. Their faces are relatively similar, but their profiles are completely different.

Just for your viewing pleasure, here's a comparison of the Banpresto and Pokedoll version of Pikachu! It's very interesting how different materials velboa and minky are. In my introduction I said I disliked minky, but I don't think that's the case anymore, haha. I still like velboa more, but minky is definitely softer.

In the last group of plush, we have Happiny and Pachirisu! Happiny is the only plush in the lot that had a different tag than the others, but I think it suits her! Pachirisu is super cute, the only problem is that his tooth is bent upward, so I'm sticking a pin in it for awhile. That's gotta hurt.

Just wanted to note too, that in width Pachirisu isn't that big, but in length, he's absolutely huge! His tail is so pretty, so I don't mind. It isn't really flexible though, so posing him can be a bit of a pain, haha.

What I thought was pretty amazing too is that more than half of the plush still have their little strings tied, as opposed to untied! The seller certainly wasn't lying when they said that most of the plush hadn't even been outside of a box for years, haha.

Here's a group shot of everyone! I'm very pleased with how cute all of these guys are. You may have noticed that nearly all these guys are from Gen 4! Gen 4 is my favourite generation, so it's the only generation that I really collect from (with a few exceptions!). How lucky was I to stumble upon this lot, with all these Gen 4 Pokemon? I think it was fate, haha.

And with all of that done, here is my collection! I NEVER, in my ENTIRE LIFE thought I would be able to say this, but... I'm running out of room! It's an extremely satisfying experience. I actually had to move the shelves around completely, I didn't have a lot of room to begin with, haha. I'm sure the lack of space will become annoying at some point, but I'm totally gonna cool it on plushies for now. Shipping alone for the lot costed around $60 (damn you, shipping to Canada fees!), so I've pretty much exhausted my savings for a bit.

Regardless, thank you for reading! I put a lot of effort into this post, so I hope you enjoyed it!
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