[~ Kari XIII ~] (rentorar) wrote in pkmncollectors,
[~ Kari XIII ~]

Pyro monkey?

All packages have been shipped out from my last sales post! Please allow extra time for items to arrive due to the holidays. (meowthcollector, did you receive my reply back to your PM?)

Also, prices on my sales post have been lowered! Flareon Stadium figure reduced to $8. Most other items reduced too!

Finally, I hate to add to the want list posts, but....

He's the last Monferno plush I need (Beanie). And one of 4 items I need to complete my collection (The others being the newly released keychain figure in the US, the clear kid & the Tomy MC). I'm also interested in Shinx (though it's unlikely anyone here will be selling that one) and Shieldon too.

I'd rather not order from eBay, I prefer the comm. Thanks everyone!
Tags: monferno
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