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XY&Z 3D Puzzle figures pre-order! :o

Hello everyone,

Finally image for upcoming puzzle figures has been released so I'm ready to take some pre-orders on them!
Check the info below and click the cut for big-res pic and line-up ^-^

There's 8 types in total but as you can see there's 10 Pokemon shown on the pic... so my guess is that small Pokes as Eevee, Puni-Chan, Pikachu and Dedenne will be together in one blind package, for example Puni-Chan with Dedenne, or Pikachu and Eevee (I don't know the real combination at this moment).
Because of that I'll take pre-orders on them separately and then if you wanted Puni-Chan for example you'll get Puni-Chan + any other Pokemon there's with him (Pikachu, Eevee or Dedenne), hope that make sense, of course you'll pay $5 as for the single figure but you'll get two!

Each figure is $5 except for Zygarde 10% which is $6.
I'll be ordering at least two boxes of these (depending on claims)
Release date is May 31th, I'll get them shipped by airmail so I should have them in hand within about 2 weeks from that date - MID JUNE!

I don't know yet how big these are, my guess is at least 5cm, or even bigger (except for small Pokemon of course).

As always shipping worldwide starts from $1.7


I'm tagging few people who might be interested in these:
stalkingsuicune - Puni-Chan
manectric - Ash's Greninja
diamondphantom - Puni-Chan
clicky797 - Zygarde 10%
absol - Zygarde 10%
satoshierika - Ash's Greninja
ssjvap - Zygarde 10%



This is PRE-ORDER so you won't have to pay until figures arrive and will be ready to be shipped to you.
Once they arrive I will make new post and will tag you to let you know what's your total.
You'll have 24 hours from that moment to send the payment.

- All PKMNcollectors community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned or non members.

- Sales permission granted by areica96 on August 1st, 2015
- You'll find my feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ku_bek
- Please remember to leave feedback after you receive your order ^-^

- Prices are in USD and I will accept PAYPAL ONLY
- Payment due 24 hours since the moment I give you total
- Buyers are responsible for any Paypal fees incurred ($.30 + 3,9%)

- Shipping is from Poland (Europe) and I do ship worldwide!
- In most cases I will send your order within 1-2 days after payment received
- I'm not responsible for lost items if you chose non-registered shipping method!
Only registered mail comes with tracking number and insurance.

International shipping from Poland is pretty cheap!
starts from $1.7 - priority international shipping (without tracking number) to Europe and US
starts from $4.5 - registered international priority shipping (with tracking number) to Europe and US
Here's table with estimated shipping cost:

TAKE A NOTE - shipping cost depends on WEIGHT of the package, not on the size of it!
^ that means I can send your order either in bubble mailer or in cardboard box - it's up to you!

* Shipping to Europe - mostly 5-10 days.
* Shipping to USA/Canada - mostly 7-14 days.
I'm not familiar with shipping time to other countries, sorry!


Claims and lineup:

Puni Chan / Pikachu
Dedenne / Eevee
Zygarde 10%
Zygarde 50%
Zygarde 100%
Mega Charizard
Mega Lucario
Ash's Greninja


1. clicky797 - Zygarde 10%
2. stalkingsuicune - Puni-Chan/Pikachu, Ash's Greninja
3. elcardenal12 - Zygarde 10%
4.  absol - Zygarde 10%
5.  inkwaffles12 - Ash's Greninja
6.  mixie94 - Dedenne/Eevee
7. ssjvap - Zygarde 10%
8. ice_kestrel9 - Zygarde 50%
9. diamondphantom - Puni-Chan/Pikachu
10. satoshierika - Ash's Greninja
11. butterfreeboy - Puni-Chan/Pikachu
12. yellow_fr3ak - Zygarde 10%


And I have info for everyone who participated in my previous pre-orders:

Choco-eggs - boxes with these has been shipped to me over 20 days ago so I'm expecting them to arrive THIS WEEK. Or on the next Monday in the worst case. As soon as I'll get them in hands I'll make a post with totals. Sorry for the wait everyone! >.<

Keychain figures - These has been shipped to me a week ago by airmail so they should arrive this week as well, possibly even tomorrow!

Special edition blue Puni-Chan - these has been shipped to me today, so they should arrive within about 3-4 weeks ^-^

Thanks for looking guys! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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