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Contest Entry - Christmas Kiss

Here is my entry for the Christmas contest.

Christmas Kiss

Mrs. Paws gives Santa Paws a goodbye Christmas Kiss before he takes off on his gift-giving adventure for the year. You know she must worry all night for his safe return home.

The picture was done in Microsoft Paint with no mouse (just my laptop touchpad) and alot of patience. The hardest parts were erasing the original background and doing Mrs. Paws' outfit. I redid it about three times >.<

Oh, and the sleigh says "Ho Ho Ho Express" :)

I hope that this is within the rules ^^; You see, all of my Pokemon stuff is back at college with no Christmas stuff and I'm at home with no Pokemon but a ton of Christmas decorations. So, I decided to use one of my pictures and take Christmas to my Pokemon :3
If not, at least I had fun doing it and I hope that everybody enjoys my picture. :)

Thank you so much for looking! Good luck to everybody in the contest :)

Merry Christmas!
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