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Absol-utely Awesome Gets + Auction Reminder

Hi all ^v^

Today was my last day of class, so that means it's time for a gets post! It's a tiny post, but I've been waiting/wanting to post these since I got something incredibly special from Hot Topic. Apologies in advance for the weird lighting and for no Absols!

First off, we have...

An Eevee with you and the Powerfluff Vees! I would love (and maybe cry a little) if there were floppy Eeveelution plush in this art style.


Plush! Maiko is so gorgeous; even her tag art is pretty. EggVee is so squishy like a beanbag chair X) Thank you so much kitzune for picking up these new additions!
I finally bit the bullet with the HQ plush, and it's so soft. And with Vaporeon, I completed the Eevee Bellplush set! He's a little dirty but nothin' a litte TLC can fix (^v^)9

Here's the whole gang. Each one just has its own level of grumpy and derpy <3

And, finally, the best for last!

The Hot Topic 20th Anniversary display! Storytime....the store that I got it from is the one I visit/call the most. I've gone into this store soooo many times looking for Pops that the employees recognize me. It's a smaller store (most of the time it's empty), and everyone's super nice. The manager and her friend/assistant-manager know that I love Eevee. They've helped with the Eevee Tomy plush and the new Eevee backpack; plus we've talked about Sylveon's fleshy bows X) I saw the sign before the anniversary and was going to ask about it, but they changed their layout, and it was removed. When Target had their Pokemon Day, I was in the area and wandered over to HT on a whim. The manager spotted me, walked into the backroom, and said, "I thought you might like this, so I saved it for you." ;A; I couldn't believe it! I thought it was destroyed since you know, licensing and Tauros stuff. But it survived, and it's so amazing! I owe her lunch or something for saving it for so long. I know you'll probably never see this, but thank you so much HT manager!

Also, just a reminder that my auctions will be ending tomorrow, Wednesday, April 20, at 9:30 PM Detroit time (EDT). There's about 20 hours left, and some stamps, like Porygon-Z, Drifblim, and Kyurem, are still at their starting bid! You might find something you like, so check it out!


 You can click the image or click HERE to be directed to the auction!

I may be forgetting something, but I think that's everything! I have a big box of things coming that I can't wait to share ;>
Thank you for taking a look! See you next time!
☆⌒(*^∇゜)v  kuro
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