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Project: Pokemon Ita Bag!

Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood mod, SK here! ^_^ I've been a bit quiet lately on the collecting front, but I do have a new project that I thought I'd share with you all. I apologize in advance for a somewhat non-Pokemon picture, but it's directly related to my new Pokemon project and I wanted to show you what I was talking about!

Ita Bags (Literally "Painful" Bags) are tote bags that are usually covered in fandom pins, straps, badges, etc. (It's painful, get it? :'D Because you poke them with pins! And because they hurt your wallet buying all the stuff for them...) They're popular in Japan (though only as special event bags, not necessarily an everyday bag) and after seeing our own allinia's wonderful Love Live! ita bag, I decided that I had to make my own for my favorite Love Live! character. (Umi <3) The tote bag that I bought has a plastic zipper cover that you can use to protect your badges and straps! That way, if they fall off, they aren't lost forever! ;^;

Before the pins and straps go on~

And finished project, ta-da!

I had so much fun making the Love Live! ita bag, I realized that it would be tons of fun to make a Pokemon one, as well! So I ordered myself another bag (from Allinia's shop, available in multiple sizes! I got the Mise Tote version) and am planning what sorts of pins and charms and badges I want to stick all over it!

However, being the OCD individual that I am, I wanted to give my bag some direction. So I narrowed it down to my favorite fire and dark types. So I'll only be covering Vulpix, Ninetales, Hondour, Houndoom, Flareon, Umbreon, Growlithe and Arcanine. If I have room after them (it's easy to fill up a bag quickly!) I may consider adding in other favorites.

For this project, I'll be using some of my charms from my bulletin board. (Shown below. But probably not super expensive ones, like the Houndour Pokedoll charm!) And I think Pokemon 151 buttons would be perfect, as well as any other can badges that are cute. But I don't have a whole lot in the way of badges for my favorites other than Vulpix. I'm also a little snooty about my badges, haha.

So here's where you come in! I'm looking to purchase a couple of things (not a lot!) for my bag. :) I'm looking for a few things in particular, but I'm also open to suggestions! (Even if you aren't selling, if you have a suggestion for something that would look perfect with the bag, let me know!!)

Here are a few things I'm definitely looking to buy:

Flareon 151 Button and Umbreon Cookie Button

Growlithe 151 Button

I don't want to spend a lot on anything for the bag, but just let me know if you have these things for sale, or if you have suggestions for other things for my bag! :D

And let me know if you have a Pokemon ita bag already, or are planning to make one yourself! I'd love to know what other people have done/are planning to do!

That's all for today! <3

Tags: flareon, growlithe, houndour, umbreon, vulpix
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