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Some lovely gets and a legitimacy check!

Hello again lovelies!

So in-between buying sprees I thought I'd do a collection update :D anyone who's seen my posts pop up will probably know that I have a soft spot for tiny figures like minicots (the ones that hurt like a piece of Lego when stood on! ><). I've been slowly but surely expanding my collection, and with today's arrival of 5 new buddies from blupanther, I figured a collection update was due!

First up are the 5 new ones, all in utterly mint condition, I'm so excited to add the, to my collection

A shot of all the ones I have so far:

My question here is, does anyone collect puchi chara or suction cup figures? If so I'd absolutely LOVE to see your collections!

Next up, I received a spiritomb Pokedoll today in an eBay lot. The rest of them were quite clearly fake, which is fine, I wasn't told whether they were or not, but I'm really just hoping spiritomb might be the real deal! He is minky, stuffed well with the exception of one point, has no obvious stitching defects etc but with 2 small loose threads.

He is TTO, and the release year says 2009 on the tag, although the tush tag bothers me a little? If anyone could have a look at the photos and advise me, that'd be great!

As usual, I'm still on the hunt for minicots, Pumpkaboo can badge and PC plush too :D

Thanks for reading!
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