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Introductionary Post!

Hi all!  My name's Nessa.

I've always thought Pokemon were cool and watched a lot of the cartoon, but only this year has my boyfriend got me started on playing the games (Firered and Emerald to start).  Since then, I started blending my love of Pokemon with my hobby of sculpting, so I've made a number of Pokemon figures with Sculpey and Super Sculpey.

Here are some of my favourites.  Hope you enjoy them!

Umbreon was difficult to make, but also really fun.  I want to eventually make Espeon and Vaporeon as well.

Togepi's face was so fun to paint.  I'm planning on doing a Togetic and Togekiss as well.

Dratinis are very easy to sculpt but their shape makes them a little tricky to paint!  I call the one in the middle "fat-head".:p

I made a tiny blue Lapras before, and decided to make a shiny figure for my friend's Christmas present (her favourite pokemon is Lapras).  I ended up loving it so much, that I made a second shiny Lapras. ^_^

My first legendary pokemon!  Pretty easy to make, actually....

I love Flygon.  He's my biggest sculpture (2 and a half inches), but was surprisingly simple to make.  I only ran into trouble when it came to his wings.  I had to stick toothpick in the wings to keep them straight and stable.

My bf thinks I'm the only one in the world who thinks Magcargo is cute, but I swear this guy is adorable and he was fun to make. ^_^

The rest of the collection can be seen here: pics.livejournal.com/xgirl1251/gallery/00001xek

My current collection of Pokemon that I haven't made myself consists of a Misty figure, a Poliwag and a Poliwrath figure, a small Treeko plush and an adorable plush Eevee on a plastic clip.

Hope to be a productive member of the community, you guys all seem really cool! ^_^
Tags: celebi, collection, custom, dratini, flygon, lapras, magcargo, togepi, umbreon
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