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Gets + Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions arrives in France

Hi everyone!
I got some nice items this month, and I'm happy to share them with you :)

Little preview...

My Snorlax plush collection has grown quickly with two big additions!

And it's funny because I was expecting the San-ei plush to be bigger while I didn't think that the PokéCen would be so huge x) Besides I really love this one <3
As you can see the family has found its place ^^

Sitting Pikachu from Pokémon Center Kyoto

I hadn't gotten any Pikachu plush for a while but I needed these beautiful ones, especially because I appreciate when they use traditional clothes.

I Love Mew <3

The "I Love" series of Banpresto are always soft and cute :3
And I finally got my first Eeveelutions Kuttari thanks to Sunyshore $5 Promotion o/

All Star Collection

I really hope that we'll get more San-ei plushies because they are really awesome. One word can define this Charmander: Cuteness *o*
With Banette I now own half of the Haunted Night keychain plushies. I love this set and just need to complete it ^^

Close-up on the stickers

I found them by chance and, as a Shiny Hunter, I couldn't resist to buy them ^^

MonCollé figures and Pikachu Nebukuro straps

The designs of the Pokémon Center Online file cases are very beautiful.

I got more nice shopper bags :)

And the Pikachu with Mega Poncho keychains

And a bit late, I received the Halloween Parade straps ^^

They are awesome and really big!

And let's end with a good news (for my French friends ^^)

After the USA, the "Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions" event is finally coming to France. Indeed, two concerts are planned for early October. Of course, I bought a VIP place in order to get the extra freebies ^^ Really excited!

Thank you for reading :3

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