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Christmas time, wonderful time

Hehee, we have a LOT of snow here in Ranua, Finland, so I decided I'd participate the contest, too. At first I thought I wouldn't and actually I have almost all my Pokemon in Ylitornio where I live now. But, I got home for Christmas and happened to find a bunch of TFG figures for cheap so... I got to participate after all! Let's get to business...

This be my contest entry. Snow, snow, a small sleigh, snow, a barely noticeable Meowth and... more snow. Snow's the word here. :3 We all love it, yes?

Another view:

I figured I'd show you some more of the wonderful Lapland... well, at least our yard. : D So, here you go:

Our little red house. <3 It was green before, though. I liked it a lot more back then, but I guess red's fine.

The barn. We have no cows or anything, though. We use it as a storage, you can find a lot of treasures there!

See how small the sleigh is? <3 That building has a summer house thing and a shed.

A lot of gray. :O

And the last but not the least... Merry Christmas everyone!
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