Heenz (heenz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone I Owe Money To:

Could you please remind me who you are?

I'm sorry payments are so, so late - my house has been a chaotic mess, because they gave my great-grandad 48 hours to live, so family has been in and out, I've been in and out of the hospital, and haven't had the time to think about or go put money on my card. I definitely have the money ready now, but I can't remember who all I owe it to, as my inbox is a disaster. ><

Individual messages to people:
meowthcollector - :] I got Entei. He's adorable, and I'll leave you feedback once I have another spare minute. X_x

Frisk - ; ; I couldn't get Pachi mailed out before our post office closed down for Christmas, I'm so so sorry! I guess he'll have to have a late Christmas present...

plush group auction winners - I'll get all of your plush mailed out Friday morning, if our Post Office is back open by then. Sorry to make you guys wait.
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