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Collection Update + Display Questions + Wants

Hi guys! I have been scouring up soldiers from every corner of the world to join my Snubbull army and I wanted to share. :)

Here's the army so far! I also have the Banpresto, reversible pokeball, and Christmas Snub on their way, along with some more plush that I already have. (I can't get enough. xDD)

Here are the charms and stickers I have! I have the black-backed Pokemon Center charm set coming too. I can't wait!

And here are my figures! Little problem... I got my first Snubbull kid, and then I got addicted. So this happened.

I need help. And by help I mean more kid figures. xDD You can see there are a few non-Snubbull favorites I've kept through my weeding process. Ned the Ditto, Zorro the Zorua, and my Flareon twins.

Quick question, while you're here. ;D I have a lot of book pages with my bullies on them, but I don't know how to display them! Any ideas? How do you display your flats?

FINALLY, I decided on some side collections I'd like to start, and I'd love to see the merch y'all have available! As always, the bulls are my priority. ESPECIALLY THE SNUBBULL CUDDLE PLUSH, since once I get him, I believe I'll have every Snubbull plush! Soooo...

1. Snubbull/Granbull = Snubbull Cuddle Plush, zukan (cheaper than the one on eBay if possible!), the little lock Snubbull figure with the key, TCG, and any other figures or flats you have! I would also be interested in plush/sculpture/art customs. :)

(Not interested in flats for these yet, but my side-collections to be! Please let me know if you have any non-flat merch for them, especially plushies and figures!)
2. Zorua/Zoroark
3. Deerling/Sawsbuck
4. Larvesta/Volcarona
5. Furfrou

Thanks so much for looking! <3
Tags: deerling, furfrou, granbull, larvesta, sawsbuck, snubbull, volcarona, zoroark, zorua
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