mmajdy (mmajdy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

1st small wants

Hi this is some of the wants i need

I live in Sultanat of Oman .. -_-

Note 1 : if you have something related to below but not the same please show me
Note 2 : IF i used your picture .. be happy your picture existed on google first line search and it is famous! am sorry and. thank you !
Note 3 : do what you prefer to contact me (messages, comments ) .. even for just chitchat you are welcome! i appreceate all comments and advices :)
Note 4 : most of these i found on ebay , i just thought i may share with community and save little money and shipping cost

the list is simple .. all figures

the Tomy alternative pose for wartortle and Ivysaur

Tomy supersize venusaur

Alakazam Zukan or Tomy or any good size

Gengar Tomy or any good size

.. this one i prefer if i can obtain Nidoking only from Zukan or a large figure ..
could you show me what do you have other brands ?
Tomy wanted too X2

this i need larg size relevant to the Tomy 6cm or more and i do not know the brands .. so please show me the size of what you have

-- Bayleaf,Croconaw & Feraligatr--
i need those 3 only from thier Zukan line .. if you have one loose i would be very happy to take it ..

once i collect most of these i will post the 2nd wants list

Thank you :) wiating your sales
Tags: alakazam, bayleef, croconaw, gengar, ivysaur, lapras, nidoking, venusaur, wants
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