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Looking for Sylveons as usual + PLAY-ASIA problem ?

Hello everybody ! I hope everyone is doing well.

I'm currently looking for two things :

The Sylveon KFC figure, which I know is a long shot.

The very recently released Eievui Twinkle Dream Sylveon plush, because I wasn't fast enough to pre-order it !

Also, does anybody know where I could find the 2016 Sylveon GET Chupa Figure for not too much ? Mine was infortunately sold in the mail, it seems.

Shipping would be to France, please ! Also, I know the Sylveon plush is very expensive and limited, but I cannot spend large amounts of money because I am too young to have my own income. So, I might not be able to accept plushes that are too expensive. Around $70-75 shipped would be a good price. Thank you !

Also, I had pre-ordered the Sylveon Kororin Friends plush from Play-Asia, but they still haven't shipped it and seemingly don't even have it in stock. Does somebody have the same problem ?
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