pkmnmod (pkmnmod) wrote in pkmncollectors,

[tiny] Mod Post

Hi folks,

It has been an ongoing issue that our posting rules are being violated. So we have decided that a quick mod post is appropriate for these issues.

Please refresh yourselves with The Official PKMNCollectors Rules & Guidelines if you have been away for a while, just forget something or are newer to our community.

The biggest rule being broken that we've noticed is:

All un-cut images must be under 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall
Otherwise they must be under an LJ cut. Please refer to our LJ cut guide (scroll down a bit) for instructions on how to properly use a cut. If your un-cut images are over 1000 pixels large, please resize the image's canvas size down to 500 pixels or less. That way its file size will also be reduced. Using HTML to shrink an image does not change its file size, so please do not use that unless your picture is under 1000 pixels. This is to reduce computer slowdowns for people with slower Internet speed.
                    Please keep the number of image outside a cut to 4 larger images, use your best judgement. If your post is scrolling for a while there's too many images.

Just keep in mind that some of our community members have slower internet connections, connect via mobile etc. The more images outside of cuts, the larger they are, etc. makes it extremely difficult for some members to enjoy this site.

Thanks for being awesome and have an amazing day!

Tags: modpost
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