milkshayke17 (milkshayke17) wrote in pkmncollectors,

(Super) Late SSS!

Hello, community!

First of all, how are you all doing? Is the weather nice where you are? Where I live, we're just now getting higher temperatures and sunshine... xD I'm so sorry that this post has been so late, I've just been drowning in schoolwork lately, but it's now spring break and I've taken a few days to relax. Anyways, I want to thank gustygarchomp for the amazing SSS package that she sent me! She was so unapologetically generous an thoughtful and I absolutely love everything she got me.

I already opened the package when it arrived, but I cut out all the little drawings that my partner made for me! Isn't she so talented?! :)

Here you can see that the theme was Hoenn! Hoenn is my favorite generation, despite the fact
I haven't gotten to enjoy the newer merch that has come out for the remake... until now! :) Fun fact, this is my first kuttari! I'm so glad it came from someone else just for me!

Lastly, here is a picture of all my goodies in my special Easter basket. I have truly enjoyed the SSS experience and really appreciate the collective effort and consideration that goes into running this event so smoothly. Keep up the great work, everyone! :)
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