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Gets & zukan wants

Good evening, community!! I recently got a ton of gets that I am excited to share :D Many are god ponies, but others are also of Giratina. I have a new set up that I'm testing out for my Giratina collection, too.

One Palkia and three Giratina retsuden stamps! I can now stamp my packages with more Giratina goodies <3

I know I really don't like collecting non figures and plush, but this tin was just too cute. Apparently the top changes images!! I wonder how big it is o: Shipping was super cheap.

Arceus dark plate tomy!! I will eventually collect the rest, but he was my top priority. I love the dark plate one the most kfgkhfhlk I need his zukan, his BP plush, and his keshipoke.

SO MANY ZUKAN!!! I got these all fairly cheap, too! In order; Fire, ice, flying, steel, insect, and pearly! My mother got me the insect and steel plates for my birthday jgkjhffj I need 11.5 more to go :D .5 you ask? I need the middle piece for the regular zukan. He will be on my wants list.

The other day my friend gave me a bag full of figures that he didn't want anymore. In that bag was something fairly rare! It's the Groudon pokedoll charm! I was so excited when I saw it.

All of my pokedoll babbies together

As for the wants, I'm looking for the remaining Arceus zukan I need as well as a 'new' Giratina item I discovered.

Giratina altered form phone strap PEARLY VERSION
I had no clue this existed until a fortunate google search for Giratina restuden stamps lmao

Fist, draco, splash, electric, meadow, poison phsychic, rock, ground, ghost, dark, and TWO normal zukan (one to paint for fairy plate). I will throw all the money at you (especially for dark plate)

Now for the shelving set up!

I started to hang them from the top because I have no more room for them anymore lmao Let me know what you think!!

At last, a shameless sales plug. I put a ton of things in there.
Click the banner or the link to be transported! Rules and whatnot are over there :>
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