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Lots of Sylveon gets ♡ Site's 2nd year anni ~

Hey guys ! Today is a special day, it's the second year anniversary of my Sylveon collection site ! And its drawing closer to my 3rd year anniversary of Sylveon collecting ! And what good timing too because I just got a recent haul of new gets to update with ♡

So I got a lot of exciting things in this batch ! A few of the items however I won't be keeping and will be adding to my sales post, but I'll post that in the next update since I'm currently working on setting up a permanent sales post AND I'm still waiting on my Pokemon Twinkle Dream gets <3 So very exciting !

First things first, there's a grail in here

I've FINALLY found the pink movie pen ! I've had the blue one but I could never find a pink one MIB, I'm so happy, its perfect !

Not MIB but I got that 3DS pouch, it was really cheap so I couldn't pass it up, maybe one of these days I'll find a new one.

Okay now THIS is another thing I am excited about, I managed to get the complete set of KFC Straw figures INCLUDING this exclusive Pikachu bag !!

I haven't set up the display just yet but it basically becomes a stand and each Pokemon sit on it and you can pass a straw through the little clasps and holes on the stand.

Sylveon is absolutely perfect and all the figures are too ! They're very well made and super sturdy !

Speaking of figures I also got the Choco Egg and Candy figures too !

Too bad I didn't get any of the chocolate :3c

Ahhh +Pokebox+ I love you, they always make such cute things ! The Standee has to be my favorite product so far of them !

I've been on the lookout for this towel for a while now, I found this one in good condition, its super large too !

There's actually much more but everything has been posted up on my site, like I said today is its 2nd year anniversary and I'm super happy with how far I've come.

My next update which should be in a couple weeks or sooner will be of the Twinkle Dream goods and also a huge sales post update !! See you then, and have a great Sunday !!

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