Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Good Morning Grab Bags!

I revamped my Grab Bags! Check them out if you're interested in a fun little package of Poké goodies! Grabs bags include kids, keychains, pogs, mega bloks, and a chance for various misc items and small figures like minicots/choco figures. Also, I added more add-on items like plushes, music boxes, and a few other things. No fees on items or shipping, shipping prices are a flat fee laid out in my rules to make it super easy!

_DSC4154 copy.jpg

I hope everyone is having a good start to the summer!
Tags: bulbasaur, cinccino, espeon, figures, flareon, foongus, mew, mienfoo, pikachu, plush, pokedolls, pokemon center, poliwhirl, psyduck, sales, shinx, squirtle, vaporeon, vulpix
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