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Collection Weeding: Vulpixes, Johto Pokemon, etc

Hi all! Doing a little collection weeding today. Includes Vulpixes, plush, figures, straps, Johto metal swings, etc!



(*) Permission granted by lineaalba in 2009.
(*) Feedback here.
(*) Please don't ask for a quote if standard USPS shipping is going to make or break a deal for you. I charge EXACT shipping, I don't add extra for package products or time or gas or what have you. Your total will be item + shipping + PP fees. Go to USPS's website and look at their prices if you're curious. (Shipping starts at $2.45 for domestic and $6.39 international international is expensive.) I hate to be a butt about this but I really don't have time to be doing a ton of quotes when it's very easy to estimate the pricing yourself to see if it's worth it to you. :(
(*) I'm a slow shipper. I try to get things out within a week, but sometimes it takes me up to two weeks to get things out. I apologize in advance. ;_;
(*) I ship from Concord, NC. Zipcode 28027
(*) I have a shorthaired cat that is kept away from my collection items.

Rare Metal Swing Keychains - $15 each. Some in bag, some not.

Magby, Gligar, Totodile, Chikorita, Jolteon, Smeargle, Wobbuffet, Quagsire, Marill, Typhlosion (in bag, not pictured), Sentret (no bag, not pictured)

Loose Charms - $3 each (sold: Sylveon and Espurr)
Ponyta and Rapidash set - $10
Meowstic Can Buttons - $4 each
Sylveon With You - $3
Ninetales Pin - $10
Brock Pin - $6
Meowstic My Dearest Pins - $5 each or $8 set

Pokemon Mini Straps - $20 each (Chikorita and Wooper)
Vulpix FCS Flamethrower Figure - $4
Meowstic Tomys - $5 each
Hoot Hoot Bell Keychain - $6
Ninetales Mini Models - $2 each (only one blue one left)
Metal Blue Vulpix (some scuffs) - $10
Meowstic Pan Sticker - $3
Vulpix Clip, stamps - $3 each
Vulpix chibi pokemodels (various degrees of scuffs/marks) - $3 each
Vulpix Candy Figure (some marks/scuffs) - $5

Rare Pita Poke Pencil Board - $20

Vulpix Plush with tags - $14
Ekans Pikachu Mascot - $8

Selling the following ONLY: (Please ignore Arcanine, Ninetales, Gengar, and my precious mirage Vulpix. They are NOT for sale.)

Canvas Vulpix (with tag) - $65
Pokemon Center Vulpix with tag - $20
Chiku Chiku Sewing Vulpix with tag - $35

Pokemon Time Bookmarks - $2 each (sold: Larvitar)

It's Demo Notebooks (new) - $6 each

Sylveon Card (Japanese) - $5
Various Kids Figures - $3 each (sold: Flareon)
Vulpix tretta/pog thing - $3

New with tags mascots:

Pokemon Time - $10 each (sold: Flareon)
Bapresto Flareon - $15
Umbreon Banpresto - $15 (not pictured, with tags)

All new with tags

Gyrados Pikachu - $25
American Chu from World's 2014 - $20
Golbat Chu - $15
Tags: arcanine, chikorita, flareon, gligar, gyrados, hawlucha, jolteon, marill, meowstic, ninetales, pikachu, sales, sentret, totodile, typhlosion, umbreon, vulpix, wobbuffet, wooper
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