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The Ultimate Plush Collector's Challenge: The Extreme Weed-Out

My question to all the plush collectors out there is:
If you could only keep a dozen (12) of your Pokemon plush, which ones would you keep?

I know that this is probably something that would never happen in real life, so this is pretty hypothetical!  I originally came up with this idea as a way to identify which plush were most important to me, which plush were semi-important, and which plush I could easily drop when I felt the need for speed to weed out my collection a little. It helped me create a gradient of importantness, so to speak.

Here's a preview of what I picked:

I realize that 12 is a super arbitrary number. My reasoning behind picking a dozen is that I figured it would be a small enough number to where most plush collectors would actually have to consider their options.
Also, 10 would have been so cliche! :P

~You can only keep 12 plush (or fewer). All of your other ones will be magically sold off/donated/etc.
~If you choose not to post pictures, please try to specify what KIND of plush it is.
    -For example, rather than saying "Lucario plush," try to say "Lucario Pokedoll" or "open eyes Lucario Kuttari."
~Any other aspect of your collection (figures, flats, etc) is completely unaffected.
~This probably goes without saying, but this only applies to Pokemon plush. Non-Pokemon plush are unaffected.

Special Exceptions:
1. "Pair" or "group" plush count as ONE plush.
        -For example, the Little Tales Pikachu pair plush counts as ONE plush because it's sewn together.
2. If you like to keep two of the same plush so that you can display one and have another as a travel/cuddle buddy, then your "spare plush" may be an exception to the 12 rule. I know this seems weird, but I didn't want to have to make people choose between having to keep a plush pristine or caving in and using it.
       -For example, your Mewtwo Pokedoll is your travel buddy. You can keep one for display, and keep a second copy of the same plush on your             bed, in your closet, in storage in case you lose the first one, or wherever you normally keep it.

1. Post picture(s) of your 12! This can be individual shots, group shots, a collage, or pictures from the internet (if the owner is okay with it).
2. Give long or short reasons as to why you chose one, some, or all of the plush!
3. Did you have any plush that you really wanted to pick, but they didn't quite make the cut? Feel free to list them or take pictures!

Pick 12 plush. Pictures and of them and/or reasons for picking them would be fantastic, but aren't necessary!

Alright, here are my picks:

(Click for a full-sized image)

-Fennekin, Lapras, and Eevee are some of my favorite Pokemon ever, and these are absolutely, by far, my favorite plush of them.
-Growlithe is my favorite Pokemon of all time. While I like the look of the Canvas a bit more, I chose the Pokemon Center plush because it's much more suited to being a travel buddy, and it goes well with Mew and Pikachu in this display.
-The Hula Pikachu is incredibly special because he was given to me as a prize for attending the 2010 video game World Championships. That was the first year I was ever invited!
-I really like Mew--especially this plush--and it fit really well with the Growlithe and Pikachu.
-Kanto is my favorite region, and I always love having a set of the starters in plush form.
-The Pokedolls are of my three favorite legendaries. Plus, I wanted to keep a shiny plush, so this worked out pretty well!

Honorable Mentions:
Pokemon Time Lapras
HQ Laying Eevee
Sleeping Lucario Kuttari
Pokemon Center Arcanine
Growlithe Canvas
Laying "Bigpix" TOMY Vulpix
DX Sleeping I <3 Pika Pikachu

One last note:
Please don't be afraid to post your reply at a later date, even if you feel this post is too old! So if you see this post soon after it's been published but don't come up with an answer until later, or if you stumble upon this post weeks, months, or years from now, don't be shy! This is a really extreme scenario, and it can take time to think about.
I'm very interested in people's choices in this matter, so finding a reply to this post two years from now would be a really cool surprise. :D
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