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Collection Update Time!

Oh boy, work's been keeping me busy these past few days, but while I have some time, I'm gonna post the collection update I've been meaning to do, now that I have everything I was expecting this month :D

First of all, major thanks to miss_fuu_chan! I received Buneary yesterday morning! :D She's even more adorable in person X3 I was feeling a little down from a bad day at work the previous day, but she brightened me right up, I gave her plenty of hugs when she got here XD (And took plenty of photos~!)
Thank you so much for the cards too :D They were a lovely surprise!

Anyway, now onto the rather image heavy update!


First of all... NEW PLUSHIES!
Pictured here is the Buneary I got from miss_fuu_chan (*Who I named Holly since it's Christmas ^o^*) and a Christmas Buneary I got off Ebay (*Who is named Neos the Christmas Buneary... her name is based on an in-joke with some friends XD*). I love Buneary so much, always so cute and happy ;o; There's quite a few more plushies that I want of it, I think I might as well start a collection of her or something! After all, who can resist cute bunnies? <3

After Holly arrived, I had a little fun with taking some photos of her and decided that a random Christmas bow decoration I had laying around would really suit her, and it does <3 I think she'll be keeping that little accessory XD

Tomy Shaymin ("Molly")
I received this little cutie about a week ago, which I bought off brianjapan. This is pretty much the only Landmin plushie I actually like, because I love that soft, grass-like back to it~ And it just seems more Shaymin like really. I named her Molly~ (*I've been naming my new plushies a lot recently XD I wonder if I'd end up remembering them all! Haha~!*)

Pokédoll Shinx! I couldn't resist this little guy when I saw him! X3 So cute~!

The rest of my new plushies are all from Gin through Sunyshore!

Flopsy the Christmas Skymin! He's currently sat on top of my Christmas tree :D

And of course, we can't forget those Eeveelution Pokédolls <3 I named them Snowflake, Shadow, Flower and Fey! Thanks once again to Gin for going through so much to get these to us! I love them so much X3

Next we have non-plush updates!!

Along with my Eevee order from Sunyshore, I also added a new Riolu kid to it, cos I loves Riolu :3 The new Riolu is the one on the left and the Riolu I already had is on the right (*Who is from the European Releases*) The new Riolu is my first Japanese released Pokémon kid~

Talking of new kids, I also got these European releases :D I bought them from a Forbidden Planet store in Leeds. Forbidden Planet seems to be the only place I can ever find them and unfortunately the Forbidden Planet store that I visit more frequently seemed to stop stocking them after a while ;o;

I also bought movie manga from the same store!

Talking of movie stuff, while on a shopping trip with my mum a few weeks ago, I found the store we went to had the movie 10 charms/danglers! I ended up with two Pikachus, a Palkia, a Lickylicky and a Drifblim. A trip to Toys R Us a week later and I found them in there too. I attempted to get the last two I needed, but only managed in getting Dialga. Darkrai was obviously playing hard to get!
Unfortuntly, other than them and the trading cards, Toys R Us had absolutly zero Pokémon stuff in, which makes me sad, especially with the time of year it is.

Also last but not least:

This is where I keep little drawings and notes I get :D; For now anyway! I'm hoping to eventually move my collection into a spare room we have in the house. Only thing is it's been a spare room for five years and in that five years my dad, who is adamant HE wants to decorate it, has barely touched it.
Yes, five years.
The last promise he gave me was that he was gonna get started on it in his two week he has off for Christmas, but I don't think he will, so after Christmas I think I'll be attempting it with help from my mum so my collection can have a new home in the house where it actually has room to grow! XD Right now I'm struggling to fit everything in my own room.

That's all of the update :D I just want to tag on that I hope you all have a wonderful awesome Christmas! :3
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