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"You're an artist and awkward is your medium."

Item GET + contest entry

Finally, after several years of trying to get it, I now have one of themost adorable parts to my hellpuppies collection.

I introduce you to Sir Warburton. :D (responsibility for such a ridiculous name goes to magichour )

I also have the most tolerant dog on the face of the planet:

Some of you have already heard this story, so feel free to skip ahead to the contest stuff. I'm just still so floored that I finally have one of these. XD

I've been after a houndour pokedoll since they were first released, but never really had any luck in getting one. Several times, the price of them alone defeated me, as I couldn't afford one as a kid, and can't afford one of the really expensive ones on ebay now as a poor college kid.

Cue one showing up on Ebay this month with a starting price of only 20.00. My mom, after I showed her the auction decided to try to get it for me for christmas. With only a couple of hours left in the auction, the price went up a little high, and I told my mom not to worry about and to stop bidding because I'd feel bad if she spent that much on one plush for me, etc..

Later that night I wanted to see how much the auction eventually ended for and was greeted by a message that the item had been paid for by paypal where my mom had forgotten to log out. I wanted to jump up and hug her right then, but I figured that now it was supposed to be a surprise, so I pretended I didn't know.

The story gets even more awesome as a few days later, a package comes from ebay that my mom mistakes for a package of mine from a friend since there was a houndoom drawn on the front. She realized what it was halfway through me ripping the package open, but told me to go on and open it anyway. Finally it clicked that I recognized the senders name on the envelope. The pokedoll came from a community member, papersnow, which I thought was cool as shit. :D Not to mention she threw in some great freebies, including a houndour museum figure. So now I have TWO additions to my 'dooms/'dours, and a cool story too!

I also come bearing a contest entry.

(this one is the actual entry photo)
So many ornaments! I needed some help from Ladylegs and a new christmas present. Also, THIS IS EVERYONE'S garden CHRISTMAS TREE.

My stocking is demon doggy and nightmare conjuring ghost approved:

"hmmn... I can see the whole living room from here":

Spot the houndour:

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