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Recent gets & updated wants

I have some recents gets to share with you! Here's a preview:

First of all, what I've been searching for recently, the Pokebox Eeveelution coins! I placed multiple orders to obtain all these coins. I thought they would give me Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon with my order, but instead they gave me two Jolteon (one bronze and one shiny golden)! Maybe they ran out of Flareon recently, now it's a mixed feeling to me, both suprised and a little bit disapointed... BUT, what really suprised me was, they gave me an Espeon coin!!! WOW!!! Now all I need to search for are the Flareon and Umbreon coins!

This clearfile is just amazing, it has four layers, and the Pokebox logo shines beautifully. On the right is a drawstring bag of the same design, but the color is not as vibrant as on the clearfile. It's big though, and has a small zip pocket inside. If I'm only allowed to keep one of the two, I would choose the clearfile.

I think many of you have alreally bought the metal pins and charms, and I've seen many pictures posted. So, I'm just gonna pass them and instead post some pictures of the Tarot cards. There're 22 total in a well made box, here's a picture of all the cards.

And here're the two cards I love the most: Lucario and Ampharos.

Last, two Eevee plushes get: 2004 Pokedoll and a small mascot plush.
I already have the 2008 minky Pokedoll, but there's no harm adding a velboa one to my collection.
The price of this mascot plush on eBay is crazy... Is it THAT rare?! I already bought two TTO, this time I got a MWT at a reasonable price, of course not from eBay :)

And, I have an updated wants list. I've purchased the Eevee hand puppet and the clapping magnet plush from Y!J, both TTO, the prices exceeded my bugget a little bit but I'm still happy. Now I've added the Pokebox Flareon and Umbreon coins to my wants list. (Pictures from Google, if it's your picture and you don't want me to use it, please let me know.)

Please leave comments if you have these items for sale, thanks a lot!!!

Update 4/28/2016: I got the Flareon coin! Actually it WAS sent to me with my order, but the outer package was broken, and it rolled out. My husband found it in his car. Haha!
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