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Pika gets + Subby and Water Type displays

Hey! I made a post not so long ago, thus I have very few new items to show.
But those last days I was motivated to do some shelves with cardboard in order to free some plushies from their boxes, and I really wanted to share these new displays with you :)

So let's start with the gets which actually are Pika gets ^-^

Little Tales Pikachu pair & Pikazard Y box

I haven't checked yet but this pair seems less colorfull than the previous one. But still cute :3

MonCollé Pikachu Party set & San-ei Boeki plush

A Dittochu and Girlchu were reasons enough to buy this set ^^ And I really don't regret because the box is very beautiful. Besides, I think I will let the figures inside.
I hadn't purchased this plush at first because I thought I had enough Pikachu plushies lol But I finally succumbed because San-ei plushies are really awesome :3

And now pictures of my collection invading more and more my room ^^

Whales and frogs

You've already seen this part, but this time there are two Wailord more and one Kyogre.

Large view of the Water space.

Kyogre is like "I'm the king of the world!" haha

Under the sea

It's not totally organised at the moment because I don't have so many Water plushies in the end. However, I wasn't aware having so many Lapras :O I still need the new PC one though ^^

The ladder

It's really funny because I decided to re-organized this space last night, and when I woke up next morning afternoon a Substitute Promo had been announced *super excited* I'm in love with this non-Pokémon ^-^
I wanted to put Wobbuffet here because I really appreciate this Pokémon and I think that its spirit and simple design are close to Substitute's ones.
For Gligar it's special because I fell in love with the bigger one <3 But I had no space for it elsewhere. So I wanted to have it here, especially because its color fits very well to Subby imo :3

Thank you for reading :)

Tags: collection update, gligar, pikachu, substitute, wailord, wobbuffet
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