clicky797 (clicky797) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Awesome Tins GA - Payment 3!

The tins have all arrived! :D So now it's time for the final payment - shipping from basketbears to you guys. Below the cut you will find pictures of your tins and also your shipping total. Remember: these tins are being shipped from UK and some are quite big.

hokeypokeyboop - Your total is $12.45

guccishiny - Your total is $7.85

mightyena_mad_7 - Your total is $7.85

riolu - Your total is $12.05

emolga - Your total is $12.05

stalkingsuicune - Your total is $12.05

tallie_chan - Your total is $13.05

ayumi_ganon - Your total is $7.85

If you would like to check totals or anything, they can be found on the spreadsheet here:

Please send payment to Basketbears(at)gmail(dot)com and remember to put your username and items in the memo section.
Once again, a massive thanks to everyone who took part in this GA! :) I hope you all enjoy your lovely new tins!
Tags: group auction
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