Whitney (wobbuwhit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Final Reminder: An Exciting Eevee Event!

Final reminder for the Exciting Eevee Event auction that ends tonight at 9 p.m. CST! There are still many Vees available at their starting bids or ones not far from it, and an Eevee kororin plush that has no bids at all! Some highlights include a Sylveon Poke Palre plush (currently at $7), a Glaceon canvas plush (currently at $7), a Glaceon Poke Doll (currently at $10), and a lot more. To view the auction, please click the banner or right here!

The next in my auction series will be a bunch of 20th anniversary goods, so I hope you'll stay tuned this weekend for those offerings!
Tags: auction, auctions, canvas, eevee, espeon, figures, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, plush, pokedoll, sylveon, umbreon
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