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3 years of collecting, 2 years of Pkmncollectors

Yay, an anniversary.. or two!
Since both dates are near each other, I figured I'd just put them together.

So here is how much my collection has grown in the past two years:
pkmn april 18 2014
That was all my plushies in April 2014 (not gonna post the rest because I don't collect much outside of plushies). When I took that photo I had 8 plushies.

And now, in April 2016..


Photo 1: Tomy USA: Pikachu, Helioptile, Bunnelby, Sylveon, Chikorita
Photo 2: Pokedolls: Zoroark, Umbreon, Suicune, Skitty, Inkay
Photo 3: Jakks Pacific: Tepig, Lugia
02 final part 1
Banpresto DX Buizel, 20th Anniversary Pikachu
02 final part 2
Banpresto DX Minccino, Tomy USA life size Fennekin
Photo 1: Pokemon Center: Vaporeon, Snowman Fennekin
Photo 2: Tomy Japan: Gligar, Zorua
Photo 3: DX Pokedolls: Zekrom, Samurott

Total plushies: 22!

Misc. things

(I missed a lot of stuff, but it's just minor stuff, so oh well)
Photo 1: Figures, game boxes, and TCG tin
Photo 2: Eevee keychain (came with lanyard)
Photo 3: Pikachu bank
05 final 01
Photo 1: Eeveelutions lanyard
Photo 2: Pearl, Black, Black 2, X & Y DS case, X, Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity, Omega Ruby

That's all for now. (:
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