Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Super late SSS!

Hey everyone! I finally got my SSS today! I didn´t believe I will get it, because it took soooo long since it was within the EU and I just thought it got lost. Normally shipments within the EU takes 1 or 2 weeks, but the post sometimes is SO slow!

The Story: A week or so ago I had a notification in my mailbox that I got a bubblemailer. So I went to the postoffice, but they found nothing! I thought it could be my SSS and maybe got lost!! I was kind of panic and asked my host when my SSS was shipped out and if it was in a box or bubblemailer aso, went to the postoffice a few times to ask if the "lost" shipment finally is there! Then my SSS cames yesterday (I got it from the postoffice today) what means that it was still on the way! xD And I thought it was lost....lol. The notification I got a week or so ago was for another shipment, which I had in my mailbox the next day. So the postman just does a mistake - he forgot to bring the shipment to the postoffice and instead of bringing it to the postoffice the next day, he put it in my mailbox. YESSS I FINALLY SOLVED THE MYSTERY! xDDD Haha, but seriously, I´m really glad now that there is no lost package.

My gifter was miss_minccino! Thank you! ^^

Tags: sss
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