tbrooks9 (tbrooks9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ISO: Opened Booster Pack Wrappers

Hi, this is my first post to pkmncollectors. My name is Tim, and I'm currently looking to buy some empty booster pack wrappers for my collection. Also if you have any of these sealed I am open to offers for those as well. Thanks! I need the following from the EX Series:

- EX Sandstorm: Seviper
- EX Dragon: Latios and Rayquazza
- EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua: Aggron

I am also looking for some Japanese Booster Pack Wrappers:

EX Miracle Crystal (Crystal Guardians)
EX Rocket Gang (Team Rocket Returns)
Mysterious Mountains
A Town on No Map
DP3 Shining Darkness (Darkrai)
Clash at the Summit (Legends)
Shiny Collection

Last but not least, looking for Topps Series:

Topps Series 3
Topps Chrome Series 2 (Gengar art)
Topps Advanced (Treeko and Pikachu)
Johto Series 1
Johto League Champions
Johto Series 3
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