Catghost (kitty_ghost) wrote in pkmncollectors,


(so sorry if this isn't allowed, I didn't see anything in the rules that said this wasn't allowed..) >_<;
Ok, so I signed up for shopping mall japan last night and made a deposit, but I haven't gotten my new password to bid on stuff. So now I can't buy these 2 Pokemon figures I want. ;_; They end in like 1 hour...
I re-read the rules and couldn't find anything that said this wasn't allowed.. but could someone bid on them for me?
They are 100 yen each and only 1 has a bid so far. It doesn't have the shipping price listed but I'd be gladly willing to pay anything they charge.
I'll even throw in an extra 5$ if you can do this for me?(or more, I don't really know how much to give. :x) (and once you confirm that you can buy them I'll send you link to the auctions^^)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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