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The curious case of the lost package...

A while back around the end of february I was expecting a package form Japan, sadly there was a mishap where my package ended up somewhere completely on another part of the globe and it ended up not coming back sadly.

The good news was i had it shipped insured and my kind middleman rebought the items for me and send them over again. Today was the day they finally arrived! And with some little presents from my middleman. I'm so happy :D

To discover what's inside read on under the Cut

First there is this big cutie and he was the main thing in there I was waiting for (along with a bobblehead dinosaur for in my car but he's no pokemon so i won't spam you guys with him)

He's so big and cute his enormous head is just the best! I can't resist these little dinosaurs and I'm soooo happy to have him at last the biggest tyrunt plush out there (I wish they'd make a 1:1 secretly :D)

Then I got spoiled with one of the most kawaii presents.
I never knew I needed a little salamence in my life untill now he's just soooo cute with his big head!

Then this cute little charm was another gift and I love it Fennekin is my main collection and I didn't have this yet so it's perfect :D

I forgot to take an individual pic of the fennekin but here is the whole bunch together, Tyrunts big face didn't fit the frame haha!

Now I'm only 2 plush away from having all the tyrunt plushies out there where the PC tyrunt is my main want for the moment but for now a family group shot was in order :)

Please ignore the photobombing dachshund xD

Also I put a lot of new stuff up in my sales post like dutch coins and marbles plus I cut some prices so go and have a look :)
Click the banner to get there :)

A few samples:

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