momiji95 (momiji95) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets and wants!

Alright so I waited a bit till I had enough to show you; but here's what I received since last time! :D

A lot of additions to my Pokémon Petit collection: Dragonite, Absol, Drifloon, Latios & Latias, Victini, Chandelure, Wailord.
Some Pokédolls: Lugia (I'm looking for Ho-Oh!), Cubchoo, and Victini! Also Delphox and now I have the 3 starters :D
I <3 Mew because he's the only Mew I have and I found him absolutely adorable!
I <3 Gothic, Litwick and Weavile, so soft!
Secret Base Chikorita (I'm looking for Cyndaquil!)
Pokémon Center Dragonair, I wanted him for soooo long! And Growlithe because he's my baby <3
And Poncho Pikachu Ho-Oh and Lugia because collection, I couldn't pass xD

I love them all!

I still need a few plushies to complete my collections. All help accepted :D

HUGE want here because I can't find him anywhere:

Secret Base Cyndaquil mint condition with JP tag:
See original image
(Image credit: )

Ho-Oh 2010 pokédoll in mint condition with US tag:
Ho-oh US Pokedoll
(Image credit: )

Poncho Pikachu Audino, Poncho Pikachu Altaria, Mascot Poncho Pikachu Sableye, Mascot Poncho Pikachu Slowbro, all MWT JP. (Reserving the right to haggle since they're still on eBay at a decent price)

And this is all. Have a good collecting day!
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