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God pony gets & wants!

Hello community! I recently got some gets that I'm super excited to share! I am also looking for Arceus; plated zukan, tomy, keshipoke, and chou gets! I've got a huge budget and I'm ready to go on an Arceus craze lol

To start off, I got this big guy for my friend's birthday! I only got him for $9 <3

I won this lot on Y!J. Two plates I don't have! I will be selling Heatran once he is in my possession.

I came across a neat auction site that had these two! I already have the flying type Arceus, but I needed the other one. I plan to repaint the flying type to be the fairy type plate!

Electric, grass, ice, splash, poison, insect, and flying type tomys! The first three were $5e. while the last four were $15e. jkfhfkgh I'm hoping to find them cheaper

I bought another one of these! It was only $2 with free shipping MIP. Mine is scuffed, so I decided to get one to keep in package.

I remember seeing a Dialga version of this one on Toz's site. I can't believe I found the Giratina version on the German eBay! I wonder if there's an altered forme version? I conacted the seller on eBay and they were willing to ship to the US for free. A good part about that is my German grammar is getting better since the seller understood me :'>
I believe that's it!

Arceus wants! I couldn't find clear pictures of any of the sets, so this will have to suffice.

Draco, splash, electric, medow, poison, rock, ground, dark, normal

Steel, fist, draco, flame, psychic, rock, ground, ghost, normal, transparent normal, transparent sparkly normal, pearly normal, matte normal

Steel, fist, draco, flame, medow, poison, rock

Steel, fist, splash, flame, ice, insect, medow, poison, psychic, rock, ground, ghost, dark, flying

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