mmajdy (mmajdy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

It is increasing :)

just wanted to share this

as i started my collecting 2 months before or less only  .. and all start with this little 3 Kanto starters

now i cant beleive that i have these figures and waiting for 7 shippments !  (i know it is small collection but i love to see the progress)

am glad that i joind this community :) contacting some memebers made me learn alot about some figures and really helping

collecting is an experiance or advinture that full of fun and exciting specially when you are about to recieve the shippment or open the boxes :) and yes it include madness when you receive something else or your shippment lost :P

now am studying the Kids pokemon figures .. as it seems that i may use some of them as the sizes are relevant for large pokemon comparing to Tomy

by the way now am working to remake Charizard sclupture (and i will make it shiny with base) hope it will work :)

also as always would appreceate your help in this small want list

a question , where do you keep your collection ?
for me because i collect figures i can show it in the living room .. some people think that this is for kids or i should keep it in kids rooms.. but i would like to keep it there as it descripe side from my personalty and i love keep looking at them ..  and i still did not prepare the base decoration for them .. now am just collecting so still lack of design :P

thanks for reading and have great day
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