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Mega Altaria Auction + Clay figures/ maracons/ ice creams commissions

Hello all :)

It's been a while since I last post in the comm. I had been so busy with a lot of things but am finally getting more time to do other stuffs, so I am opening up my commissions again, as well as auctioning off my Mega Altaria sculpture.

I am also in the process of making a brand new sales post soon, I got so many personal collection items that I need to clear, so stay tune for a huge sales post from me soon :'D

Mega Altaria Auction:

You can click the photos to enlarge.






I originally made it as a display when I do my convention table back in February, as much as I would like to keep it, we are needing a renovation in our flat soon so I need to clear out as much items as I could :( It took me like 20 hours at least over a couple of weeks' time and several packs of clays to make it. It is OOAK and will not be remake.

Mega Altaria is made using wire armature, super light weight clay air dry clay on a wooden base, with glass rod for support.
Please note there are some flaws in his tail, it's not easily noticible when displayed though. You can check the photos for details. If you would like more photos, please let me know and I will be happy to take more!

Altaria is roughly 18cm tall including the base, and the base is around 13cm diameter.

Shipping to the US is $12 in a box with tracking, slightly cheaper for Asian countries. Please ask for a shipping quote if you are in other countries.

Community rules and all rules from my normal sales apply.
Auction ends at Friday 13th May 2016 at 2pm GMT+8 time, I will add a countdown timer shortly.

Auction will start at $80, please bid in minimum increment of $2.

Same as last time, commissions start at only $6 :)


Community rules and all rules from my normal sales apply. Please kindly read before posting.

Shipping: I ship from Hong Kong, and airmail shipping (no tracking) in bubble mailer is $2.6 - $3.1 for the smaller items. In-case figures, however, would require shipping in a box and shipping would cost around $5. Please inquire if you would like to add tracking.

Info: These are made of Super lightweight modelling clay. As the name implies, they are very light weight. They are also somewhat squishy. Suitable for gentle use but please be aware that they need to be kept out of water. Some little details are painted on.
I also applied spray-on matte glaze on them. If you wish for a little glitter effect, I have some pearly glaze I can use, just let me know :)

Macarons and ice creams are $6 each or 2 for $10! However, there might be pokemon that I am unable to do ^^;
Small figures (~1.5inches) starts at $10, I can also make bigger figures. Case/ bases can be added starting at an additional $3.
Please allow around a month for turnaround time. I can do quick sketch for ice creams/ macarons if you want :)
- For orders less than $30, full payment has to be made before I start working
- For orders over $30, I will collect half of the item total before I start working, and the other half + shipping once your commission is finished

Examples from my last commission post:

IMG_20160504_094520 (Medium)
IMG_20160504_094540 (Medium)


I also have premades (much more than the review) that are ready to ship in my custom sales post, please check them out when you can. Thanks!

Link: http://poliwhirl.livejournal.com/16856.html

P1100179 (Medium)
You can either comment there or on this post if you are interested in purchasing :)

That's all from me for now, thanks a lot for reading :D
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