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Best Weekend!

Hello everyone, hope you`re all having a great week so far. I recently went to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo on the weekend which was filled with fun and much money spending, everything was worth every penny though. I also recently got several packages in the mail and had a friend come visit aswell along with school and many other fun things...so I've been saving everything up to make a nice gets post. But if i keep doing that i'll never get around to it as I have even more on the way, mostly from the new Twinkle Dream Kuji and the new pillows. So much Eevee this year it's hard to even try and keep up.

On a side note, I am looking for some extra bases for a few of my pencil toppers and such, any colors are good but i would like a couple to be blue if possible. Thank you!

Very Eevee heavy

So first off we have my Con gets, 90% of wich came from this one amazing stall. I wanted to buy everything from here but, I had to restrain myself as there were many other amazing things at the con. There was more on the other side of the plush  But I was like a small child and may have possibly freaked out a bit much to the amusment of the people working there. I only have two regrets, and that's that I didn't get the sleeping Espeon Kuttari and the Archanine plush.


All the plush came from that stall, aswell as the 3 pokemon time keychains(Eevee, Flareon and Raichu) and the Eevee acrylic keychain. I found one of my favourite artists and got a remake sparkley veriant of her eeveelutions poster, aswell as the adorable eevees in their hoodies. It was awesome to finally meet the artist of the hoodie Eevees. The buttons were a gift from my friend that I had gone with since she knew how much I loved Eevee. and the Eevee sprite was from an awesome shop aswell that sold these cool wooden lights, which I also picked up. This is only the pokemon stuff I bought, there was more...

Next some community gets and some that I got while my friend was up. I of course had to pick up the mew 20th annaversary card set. I also got the Charizard box when me and my friend who came to visit went shopping. I couldn't wait to open it in hopes of getting my dream Eevee card, and well, with crazy luck, I managed to pull it. The card is now a great remind of the fun we had. The mew pokedoll I had gotten a while ago but never managed to get it in a post. I was super excited about finally being able to get one of these cuties for my collection! Another amazing get was the sleeping Eevee keychain, which was a happy accident due to some confusion. Umbreon chou!!! Just missing Espeon now! and a bunch of stickers aswell as the choco egg figures and Eevee screen cleaner strap and two of the last Vaporeon kid figures I needed.

I also nabbed some of the $5 Kuttari off sunyshore, I always wanted the raichu but since I don't really collect him I avoided it forever while focusing on eevees. So I had to get him, aswell as a sleeping Jolteon as I wasn't too sure if I wanted to collect the sleeping versions aswell as the awake this was a good chance to find out. The sleeping Eevee was also from a little while agoalong with the Flareon pokecen plush, but he is sitting on the very top shelf and I wasn`t about to try and get him down for a photo.

and to top off the past few months so far, I got a package the other day containing some very cute and fluffy plush, lets open this and set them free!

First we have the Eevee Pokécenter plush to finish the original 4. Then we have the adorable Kororin plush, they`re like fat little jelly beans. I absolutly love them! To me, they were worth the wait for them all to come out to get them at the same time, it just made my week super special.

It was a great few months of gets, some way back into last year even... Thank you all for your time and I hope you all have a great week!

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