Krys McScience (krysofdeath) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Krys McScience

Looking for Mewtwo cards - also, a question about Japanese e-Series

I've nearly completed my collection of Mewtwo cards.  A few that I have, though, are desperately in need of replacement due to damage.  So, here I am!  The five cards I need are listed below, along with the lowest price I'm willing to offer for each.  As is the requirement for my collection (because I hate myself and my wallet), I need each card to be in as close to mint condition as possible, so please have some pictures ready from a few different angles.

Psycho Drive BW3 Mewtwo EX 028/052 (Unlimited edition) $20
Legends Awakened Mewtwo 11/146 (Reverse holo) $15
Magestic Dawn Mewtwo 9/100 (Reverse holo) $15
EX Team Rocket Returns Rocket's Mewtwo EX 99/109 $50
Rocket Gang Strikes Back Rocket's Mewtwo EX 064/084 (1st Edition) $50

Both of the Rocket's Mewtwo cards are only maybes; for the first, I'm waiting on a response to an offer (on which I'll wait for up to a week), and for the second, I have one currently on its way to me and I'm just not sure of its exact condition yet (so I'll know for sure by Thursday).

Finally, regarding the Japanese e-Series Base Expansion Set (Series 1), was there an Unlimited release for that?  I've only ever seen those cards as 1st edition, which seems very strange to me...  :\  (If there IS an Unlimited release, though, I'll also be looking for Mewtwos 086/128 and 118/128 - lowest price $40 and $60, respectively.)

An answer to my question and any sale offers on the cards I'm looking for will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!
Tags: mewtwo, tcg, wants
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