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pride gets + instagram!

hey all ! i just received my last package for a while, and i love what i've been lucky enough to get!!
first though, i'd like to point out that i went ahead and made an instagram where i post collection updates! and also generally talk about things i want and stuff. check it out if you want! >


to start off we have

a shinx tomy!
this fella was a get from y!j (and lemme tell you, the shipping for this and another get was RIDICULOUSLY HIGH...)
gosh, this is such a cute tomy! look at those tiny paws! the model for this one overall is amazing, really!


a clear luxio kid!!!
THIS thing.... ruined me.... and my paypal balance...
shipping for it was 13 DOLLARS. and that was with the cheapest shipping possible! i was pretty mad, but hey, what can you do, really???? it was only 5 dollars and it's very rare, so i guess it's just! he's really cool when you set him in direct sunlight!


joint palace luxray!
my best friend happened to have this (in a drawer........) and sent it over to me when she mailed me a package full of goodies! a lot of the pieces are missing, but these are really hard to find, and i have the most important part of it (the luxray!), so i'm incredibly happy!!

with luxray also came this card

jumbo celebi and zorua!
it doesnt contribute to my lion collection, but it's a gift and a very pretty one at that!! stuck it on the bottom shelf with the rest of my other pokemon goods!

and lasty, the big finale,

this isn't a grail or anything, but it's close!
this guy arrived today and GOSH i was near yelling when i opened his box!! i'm happy he made it safely from his last home in thailand!
he even has all of his tags! his hang tag isn't in the best shape, but he's my first plush of this collection to have all of his tags! a total steal for 25$ i'd say!

this also might be out of place, so sorry about that! but i might have spotted a bootleg of this plush on ebay. :x
i noticed that the front feet are APART as opposed to being together. think of it like a lot of umbreon pokedoll bootlegs. the seller was nice enough to mention it had NO tags whatsoever. it was located in china as well, which i dont trust when it comes to pokemon merchandise. remember to be wary!

and of course, i'm still trying to get the money for a grail, so here, take some slightly updated sales ~


that's everything! thank you for reading! <3 rdty.gif
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