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MASSIVE UPDATE- Literally 60 New Gets+ Future Sales Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! :D

As promised, I am here again with a MASSIVE update!
I have only one small package on the way, but it won't be here for two weeks, so I had to post this now! This post has approximately sixty or so new gets for me, including pokédolls, Jakks figures (some rare ones too!!!), and approximately eleven new additions to my shiny collection!!!

WARNING: VERY image heavy!!!

The mail arrived today, and I couldn't wait to get it! I knew this would be there, and I've been SO excited about it for weeks!!!

Eight little bubble-cocoons and a box? I wonder what they are???

Papers that came in the box?

Oh Myyyyyyyyy! Are those shiny kids??? O.o

THEY'RE MIP TOO!!!!!!!!! :'D

I ALMOST couldn't bring myself to unwrap them!
But they are so AWESOME!
I have to thank nosidamsucram for these- she tutored me on how to use FromJapan, and I had seen these not sell for a low price three times. So, I made my account, went to bid, and found out I couldn't log in to my account eleven hours before the auction ended. As the amazing person she is, she agreed to bid on them and ship them along with my repaints! We won the set for the starting bid, and I am so grateful, I couldn't have gotten them without her!

These were in the cocoons!!! :D
Shiny repaints by the AMAZINGLY TALENTED nosidamsucram, who is legitimately my closest friend on here- we met in November thanks to a Shiny Charizard Hasbro, and it was all downhill, ending up culminating in an absolutely amazing art trade! :D
I have been stashing kid figures of my team from X, and when she said she has done repaints, I heard the Hallelujah Chorus playing. I love my shinies, and my team in X consists of nine shinies that I rotate around.

Zabuza, my Shiny Greninja, Merlin, my Shiny Delphox, Gareth, my Shiny CHesnaught, and Lidewij, my Shiny Talonflame :D
I always try to get figures or plush of my teams in each game, so I really hit a roadblock with X, as my team consists of Kalos shinies, plus a shiny charizard and lucario.

My yet-unnamed Shiny Goodra, Galdheim, my Shiny Gogoat, Banshee, my Shiny Noivern, ans Mizuki, my Shiny Aurorus.

Maddy, I really can't thank you enough for repainting my babies, and for helping me win the Unovas too!!! You are the absolute best!!!

For anyone looking for figure repaints, I DEFINITELY recommend her!!! They are STUNNING!!!

A few days back, I made and took down a post, because I forgot a rule it fell under- whoops!
But anywho, long story short, my Dad found a lot of Jakks/Hasbro figures that were on Craigslist. There were approximately 120 figures, from the Battle Frontier era, to the Heartgold/Soulsilver era. Prices worked out to less than a dollar per figure, so I took a chance, and decided to get them. I'm so glad I did, the lot had SO MANY rare figures, and only two or three weren't mint. Pictures below!

Beast Trio!!! :o
I've never seen them in person, but they are majestic! I love Entei especially, just from his pose!

Arceus, Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Celebi. I didn't know there was a Celebi Jakks!!!

Golems!!! :D
I REALLY NEED REGISTEEL. Please let me know if you have one, I have some extra figures I'll be selling or trading in the next few weeks ;-;

I'm in love, seriously, Umbreon looks a bit like a martian, but I LOVE the posability of this family!!!
Note: The eevee will be up for sale once my sales post is up and running.

Eevee comparison: The one on the left was one I had- I bought it during the D/P/Pl era at Rite Aid. The one from the lot (the one with the eyebrows), is from the HG/SS era. I like the eyes of the D/P era one, but the eyebrows of the HG/SS one. I'll be keeping my older one though :)
Hopefully the other fella can find a good home!

Battle Frontier era figures!!! I got into Pokémon in Fourth grade during end of the Battle Frontier era. My tenth birthday was that year, and all I asked for was pokémon. I actually got choked up when I finally held Numel. Numel came in a three pack with Latias and Geodude, but since I had latias and geodude already, I never got the pack when I was younger. I always wanted a numel, and despite how common they used to be, I haven't seen any for sale for an affordabke price, so I'm so glad to finally have one :')

HG/SS era Jakks!
I love Mamoswine, and Swinub is just precious!!! When you flip him over, you can see his tiny feet!

Infernape, Empoleon, and Torterra Jakks. Empoleon was my starter in Diamond, and Diamond is tied with X for my favorite game. I have a bit of an emotional bond with Empoleon as a species, so I'm glad to finally have this figure.

Sinnoh era figures! :D I wasn't going to keep most of these, but I remember not buying them when I was younger, and nostalgia got the best of me.

Wurmple, Haunter, and a whiskerless Whiscash XD
I kept Wurmple because Sapphire was my first game (I'm painfully nostalgic), and they're all over in there. I've always liked Haunter, but never knew it had a jakks. Apparently they're really rare? O.O
And whiscash... is just derpy as all getout without whiskers XD

Latios Basic Fun Keychain!!! It took me about 45 minutes to find a website that had a picture of one MIP. Most people's sites have it as Bandai or Tomy, and it isn't.
He's supposed to light up when you press his triangle.

And he now does, thanks to a new AAA battery :D

I found this guy in a box under my bed last night, I forgot I had him!!!
Remember FYE stores? When my local one went out of business five or so years ago, I got this guy on clearance in one of those weird clear cubes that comes with a few packs of cards and stuff. I never knew it was an unreleased figure until I saw it again last night, so I had to share! He did pop off the base, sadly, and has paint missing on his nose, but with a dab of glue, he'll be all better! I can't complain, I paid $4 back in the day!

Bisharp Pokedoll! :D
He was an end of the year type present to myself! My college's mascot is the crusader, so I figured if our mascot was a pokémon, it'd have to be either Gallade or Bisharp. I chose Bisharp, despite Gallade being a longtime favorite. I was so happy to get him for a good price.

And here are the other Jakks and Hasbros from the lot. As we speak, I'm making a sales post for all of these guys, plus the eevee jakks, and a few kids I've had lying around, so please stay tuned, I'd like to find good homes for a lot of them!!! (or trade for shiny kids!!!). I just need a scale and bubble mailers, and I'm all set! I'm even looking into international shipping, so please keep an eye out for my post!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!!! :D
Have an amazing evening everyone!!! :D

~ Chris/Ebon

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