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Contest entry of lateness

After many delays, here is my peculiar contest entry for the holidays!

'Twas the day before Christmas, and all through open gifts, a lone Duskull was stirring and throwing some fits.

Everywhere, decorations had been placed, although one of the Darkrai felt it was all a disgrace.

While Dialga waited to check on the sleigh, Lux and Nox merrily had their own way.

The team of Darkrai, impatient and restless, were alone the ones to bring order to this mess.

My contest entry is:

Specially from Darkrai and company. XD

I can also take the opportunity to say thank you to denkimouse, and as you can see under the cut, I got those Espeon and Umbreon Pokedolls just fine, along with the Mewtwo kid. :3
Tags: contest, darkrai, dialga, duskull, espeon, umbreon
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