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I'm in a bit of a state of panic right now (just as I was going to bed too).
A user I had sold to let me know that my sales post was deleted.
You know, my PERMANENT sales post that I spent COUNTLESS hours putting together and posting prices and descriptions of items over time? Yea. That one. Gone.
I must have been editing it, and I must've clicked "delete" instead of "save". For real, finals have me SO frazzled right now.
This is not only disheartening but I have countless amounts of stickers and such that I'll now have to inventory one by one now that this has happened. :'/
(I may just sell some lots as it'll take me hours or even a few days just to RE-inventory it all)

Does anyone know how to rectify this? Like is there a "recover" feature I'm unaware of??

Ps. To any concerned customers - ALL your packages are shipped no need to worry about that. <3

EDIT: Thanks to help from puckyducky I was able to recover most of my post.
However, now it won't save and says the post is "too big"?? I've had a WAY bigger post so I'm not sure what's going on. T__T
Any insight is much appreciated.

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