koolhk (koolhk) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Merry Christmas pkmncollectors+I really need help!!!!

Merry Christmas pkmncollectors, I hope you all had a good day and got what you wanted(if you wanted anything)!

I really need help pkmncollectors(below is mostly for the U.S readers), I have recently brought an item off ebay but the seller can only ship to America and he said find someone in the U.S and then I asked him if I cant find anyone can he ship straight here(originally he said he could but its really expensive but I contacted him this morning asking could he hold it, I need more money in my Paypal but he hasnt replied) but if he replies tomorrow saying yes I wont need this but I was wondering is there anyone here who I can give your adress to and they ship the item then you ship it to me ^_^

If there is I dont want to rude but I will need your feedback(so I can see if your trustworthy), I am really sorry to ask for this but I would really like this item.

Besides that, have a good day with your friends or family!

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