Darkrai ♥er (ladylegsdarkrai) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Darkrai ♥er

Last Minute Contest Entry

I'll make this short and sweet before it turns Christmas here. ^_^ Follow the cut to a lovely holiday celebration!

And a special guest snuck into the holiday celebrations! He blends in well, don't you think? ^_~ Also, since I had limited space for this pic, only my official Darkrai plushies made it into the photo. The two Bootylegs are out getting more presents.. yes... ;P

My newest Darkrai plush addition, the pokedoll from the wonderful seouldew, is staring in wonderment at his first little present as medium UFO catcher stares on. Ladylegs is observing the Hanukkah celebration just a few inches away.

It's surprisingly not as easy to find a little menorah as I thought so I had to make one out of pipe cleaners, and I made the little yarmulke for Origin!Giratina out of felt and pipe cleaners for shape and the one for smallest Darkrai plush just out of felt since it's so tiny. I can't remember where we got the little dreidel, but my sister dug it out of somewhere at the last moment. Yay!

Happy Holidays, Pkmncollectors Members!
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