pokemontrader (pokemontrader) wrote in pkmncollectors,

PokemonTrader:// CP4 - Premium Champion Pack Sales

Hello PkmnCollectors!

Today I bring forth a really cool addition to the Japanese Card Emporium! CP4 - Premium Champion Pack.

This set is different than most others in the recent Japanese releases. Inside each booster box was 10 packs (instead of the usual 20) with 10 cards in each instead of the usual 5. Another cool thing is that the majority of these cards are re-releases, BUT all the cards are reverse holo (including the EXes!). There are no rarities on any of the cards, but essentially the pull rates are that of normal packs!

I'm trying to be fair with my pricing, but as always I'm available to haggle.
I'm also going to try something new, for purchases over $10, I am now offering free shipping.

Thanks everyone!

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