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New Pokemon TFGs/Kaiyodo figures have emerged!

Hi everybody! It's been a while since I last posted my Kaiyodo-inspired figures, so what better way to stop the hiatus by posting MORE! Without further ado, here we go!!!

Click on the cut to see the figures! I'll borrow just a teenie wheenie bit of your time!

Battle Damaged Shiny Metagross

This is a repainted authentic Metagross TFG. I have one and I've always loved the shiny version so much better.

Silverclaw the Weavile

Pokken is really coming out awesome and I love how Pokken designed the characters. I decided to make a Pokken+Kaiyodo inspired Weavile named Silverclaw. It has fur just like in Pokken. This is available for sale on my Sales Page.


Articuno is my favorite legendary bird and I guess it's also most people's favorite. Articuno never got a Kaiyodo figure so I decided to make one. It features crystal ice base and gradient painting. I'll tag clicky797 for this.


This Ditto design was made by a Japanese artist and was suggested by zefiru. I think it's a good way to make a dynamic Ditto!

Haunter+Snapchat Mascot

This duo was made as gift for someone I know. They are both ghosts! If you use the Snapchat app then you'd recognize the cute little white ghost. Haunter is his favorite Pokemon too. I'll tag hantsukihaunter for this.


I've always wanted to make a Squirtle TFG playing in a splash. So here is the result of my imagination.


This guy is a commissioned piece by a good friend in Indonesia. I hope it looks badass enough for him.


This was made for a face-off challenge with a friend in Canada. He is one of the owners of LegionoftheCow and they make awesome miniatures. To be honest they are the best sculptors I've ever come across. Well for one they are really good and second, they sculpt EXACTLY my style of figures. Their website is still down but do Google them. They are the best! So anyhow, the idea of the face-off challenge is that we make the same Pokemon character however we like. He got to choose the first one which was of course Noctowl, and the second one is coming up soon! Follow him on Instagram (legionofthecow).

So that's all folks! For now that is... Follow me on Instagram (the_technochris) if you want. Leave a comment below for suggestions or just any sort of comment is welcome :)

I'll be having more figures soon! Bye for now! Thank you!
Tags: articuno, ditto, haunter, noctowl, squirtle, typhlosion, weavile
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