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some new gets, sales update!

Time for a little gets post! I haven't been buying a whole lot for my collection due to lack of funds, but there were a couple of things I just couldn't pass up! So let's take a look. :D

First of all, I got a few figures from haepbrosonearth! Tropius zukan piece, Volcarona TOMY and some kind of hollow mini kid-style Quagsire? Idk what this figure is exactly but it's adorable and squishy! XD I love Tropius' derp face too (reminds me of Toothless XD) and Volcarona is really pretty! ;w;

Next up is TOMYs magnetic Ash-Greninja! I'm not the biggest Ash-Greninja fan and kinda miss that there won't be normal Greninja merch now, but the fact he had magnets in his hands/feet was too fun to pass up. I love that he came packaged upside-down in the box too. XD And actually, the plush itself looks really nice! Here's some photos of my Ash-Greninja in various poses. :P Maybe he will grow on me hehe.

Last but not least, I bought this Heartland Chimchar plush from cupcakebullets and he's exactly what I wanted from a Chimchar plush! ;w; I've been looking for a Heartland one in particular for a while now because I love the pattern so much. A lot of Chimchar plush have derpy faces or just... don't look quite right to me. XD Plus he has the fluffy fur butt flame which is just the best to play with. <3 The only downside is that his head is so big he has faceplant syndrome haha, but he is a great cuddle buddy!

I've been really tempted by the Ditto Transform plush of late. XD How are you guys liking them?

To finish this post off, my sales have been updated with some new items and prices have been lowered a little. If you're in the UK or Europe go check it out! :D If you're outside of Europe, and want something, send me a message and I'll see if I can work something out.

I'm having an opening promo too, so use the code COLLECT05 if you want 10% off your order! Use as many times as you like until 31st May!

Until next time. :3
Tags: chimchar, gets, greninja, quagsire, sales, tropius, volcarona
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