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Spring *Price reduced* Plush sale Reminder :)

Hello! Happy Monday everyone :'D
Just a tiny reminder that I still have some plushies left for sale and that my reduced prices are still on :)

PS: I am now accepting trades!! ^^
You can find my want list here:
(I am not looking to buy anything at the moment, just trades)

Rules and guidelines


Granted sale permission on December 9 2012 by entirelycliched

Link to my feedback:

I ship from New-Brunswick Canada
I live in a smoke free home
I have a bird as a pet
I only accept paypal as a method of payment
No returns (except if I sent you the wrong item/s)
I am not responsible after the items leave my hands. I do my best to protect everything and I will keep all proof of shipment for about a month or 2 after the package was sent.
Asking for a quote is not conciderate a hold
I will hold an item up to a week (or more) if you commit to the item/s
I accept payment plans if you pay for the PP fees for each payments
No trades I will trade for Pokedoll, Petit or Walky (with tag only) I do not already have! Want list here:
Use the word star somewhere in your comment if you have read all the rules
All prices are in USD
I am a very fast shipper, usually ship within 3 days
Please do not back out of a sale, a negative feedback will be left if you do
You can haggle if you buy more than 2 items. Priority goes to the buyer who wants to pay the full price.
Minimum purchase of $6
PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT THE ITEM OR NOT AFTER I GAVE YOU A QUOTE. If you fail to reply to my quotes too often, you will be ban from my sale in the future.

Shipping info

I ship from New-Brunswick Canada and ship worldwide
Please note that shipping outside of Canada and the United States may be pricey
I use recycled shipping materials like box, enveloppe, bubble wrap, etc.
To all Canadians and US buyers, please give me your postal code when asking for a quote.

Shipping chart:

To Canada: $10 and up. Includes a tracking number; Flats: $2 and up
To the United States: $8 and up without tracking, $16 and up with a tracking number; Flats: $3 and up
Everywhere else: $10 and up without tracking; Flats: $4 and up

I highly recommend getting a tracking number for all orders with a total of $50 or higher.

The member michmell is banned from my sale for failing to read and follow the same rule twice.

Fuzzy Pikachu 6.jpg
Pokemon Center 2012 fuzzy Pikachu
New with tag
$30 $20

pkmn center Jolteon.jpg
Pokemon Center Japanese standing Jolteon
New with tag
$20 $12

PC Yveltal Plush.jpg
Pokemon Center Japanese Version Yveltal Plush
New with tag
$40 $25

Ditto Small.jpg
(I am no longer selling them as a lot)
New with tag
$80 for all 4 or $22 each

SOLD: Pikachu

LifeSize Froakie.jpg
Pokemon Center Croagunk Promo
New with tag
$25 $18

no title
Takara Tomy Croagunk
New with tag
$15 $10

no title
I <3 Gothic DX Croagunk
New with tag
$20 $12

Lucario Pika.jpg
Mega Lucario Pikachu Poncho
New with tag
$25 $18

Magikarp Pikachu.jpg
Magikarp Pikachu Poncho
New with tag
$25 $18

Gyarados Pikachu.jpg
Gyarados Poncho Pikachu
New with tag
$25 $18

Christmas Pikachu.jpg
Christmas Pikachu 2015 (Japanese version)
New with tag
$20 $15

Regular sale here:

Thanks for looking! :)
Tags: croagunk, ditto, gyarados, lucario, magikarp, pikachu, plush, sales, yveltal
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